Turn the lights down low And kiss me in the dark

We kissed.

For the second time.

I wanted to do it for third,

And the fourth

And the fifth.

He kissed me for the sixth time,

And the seventh.

We paused at the eighth,

or maybe it was the ninth.

I had lost count by then

We were too invested in the night

By the tenth kiss

His hands,

and mine;

frantically searched for a place

to call home.

Eleventh Twelfth and Thirteenth kiss merged in to one

My hands had fallen on to his heaving chest

just enough to feel his heart thud and hammer against his rib cage

His hands sought refuge on my thighs

that had started to feel like a fire-place;

warm and comforting.

We stopped before the twentieth kiss

Aware of our pounding hearts and the scars on his neck

Aware of the beginnings of a sun rise through the curtains

Aware of reality outside the door.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


Dawn Kisses

We kissed.

Vodka and gin soaked tongues

Strong hands grasping on to hips

Hearts pounding against the rib cage

not mine though.

Mine had stopped

I didn’t feel it beating at all

Maybe it had drowned

from the drinks that night

But it definitely wasn’t racing

I don’t remember the kiss much

except that your lips were soft

and you weren’t aggressive or

trying to get to places

I wouldn’t have let you.

Kiss me again

without the alcohol stained breaths

Kiss me

so I’ll know for sure

That maybe you’re worth another kiss

or that this isn’t worth it.

and will never happen again

Kiss me again.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


I like the way you taste on my lips. I like how the moment it does, shivers go through my spine and the hair at the back of my neck rises. I love how only you can do that to me. I like how fruity you taste sometimes. And the sting on my lips at your first taste is exciting and excruciating. It’s a dark desire that fills my thoughts and drives them over the edge. I like that you can be bought. I like that you have a strange yet wanted way of numbing my bones,of making my cheeks heat up and my lips cold. But most of all, I love that I can never have one fill of you. I’ll always want more of you.

Yours truly,
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Don’t turn the lights on.

The feeling creeps up on me. It creeps up and engulfs my body.
It soaks me in.
The music. the alcohol. 
The feeling numbs it. It keeps me sedated and creates a utopia
It makes me feel again. makes me feel like everything is right again.
You used to give me that feeling.
Now i have a replacement.
I’ve replaced you. 
I like this feeling. The music drowns out the sound of everything else
a bead of sweat drips down my back. 
I’m taken over. I’m another person now.
Happier. More content.
I’ll never be a stepping stone.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow