Letters to Humans.

Dear Human
I felt that.
I felt that sudden impact of thunder against my ribs
And the shrieking pain that felt like lightning shot through my body
I'm sorry I tried to ask you for food again.
I was just hungry.
Dear Human,
I felt that
I felt the thick chains around my ankles
As they dug in to my skin that is usually built quite thick
But you managed to defy nature
As you draped me in cloth and lights
And made me parade the streets which were surrounded
by noise and fire
and humans and more noise.
I was scared
The drums didn’t stop.
I'm sorry I wanted to run.
I just wanted to taste life again.
Dear Human
I felt that
I felt the pain when you took away my fifth litter.
Before I could feed them from my own breasts
I watched you leave me there again
Closed off and surrounded by rusted metal bars
To rot in my own blood and faeces
I watched you close the door
Until it was time again for your new car.
I'm sorry I got sick and you couldn’t get that car.
Dear Human
I heard that.
I heard the continuous screams and shrieks of terror in the other room.
I can smell it too,
The smell of blood
The smell of my blood.
But it all went quiet
When that noisy machine stopped.
I’m sorry for being there.
Dear Human,
Can you feel me?
Can you feel me on the back of your shoulders and the soles of your feet
As you continue to live
I can.
Can you taste me?
At the back of your throat and the stems of your gut
As I claw my way through to satisfy the pits of your greed
I can.
Can you see me?
Die and writhe in agony
As you slaughter and maim me
Just so you could feel better about yourself?
I can.
Dear Human,
Despite what you believe
I feel pain too.
I feel scared.
I feel love.
I feel gratitude.
Though my language is galaxies different to yours
It doesn’t make me less worthy.
Dear Human,
I was part of God’s creation too.
You weren’t here first.
We were.

Yours truly,
Painted Shadow