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Are you alive?

I worry that you were one of the 61 that were killed.

I worry that maybe you were on that busy street

walking by;

or just standing there, watching the world float by.

I worry that you might have been in the wrong place

at the wrong time

and that maybe, you were one of the 61 that were killed.

or one of the 79 that were killed last month

or one of the 500 killed that were killed this year.

I wish I knew if you were okay

I wish I knew if you escaped

just like you always wanted to

I wish I knew if you got out alive.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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Something about you.

I counted his birthmarks against the dawn of a new day;
Pointing fingers at us
And whispering through the curtain
That were thoughtfully closed as we got in that morning
Or was it late night?
I traced his birthmarks with the tip of my index fingers
Slowly and gently
His body rose and fell in a rhythmic dance
My eyes began to study these movements
Memorising it as best as I could.
I drew a map from point A to point B
And then point B to C and back again to A.
Gazing at my new discovery at the break of light
I realised I wanted to be an astronomer
I wanted to study the galaxies between your shoulder blades
And take pictures of the gentle ragged outline of your spine,
Creating craters of lust and muscle.
I kissed each birthmark.
One. Kiss.
Two. Kiss.
Three. Kiss.
He stirred awake and turned around to face me
Eyes still closed, he let out a soft murmur
And fell right back asleep.
I will have to star gaze another night.


Yours truly,
Painted Shadow
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Pour Toi.

Seeking Inspiration : 
From the smooth curve of your finger tips along the wall of my spine
From the slight giggle that escaped your parted lips and landed on mine
From the warmth of your beating heart nestling in the edges of my smile
From a single Hello or two, and no Goodbye
From your sun kissed skin and blazing eyes
From You.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.

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Simple Things

I haven’t taken drugs before;
But I swear I got addicted to the colour in your eyes
Before you said Hello.

I haven’t taken drugs before;
But I hallucinated and daydreamed
after you said my name.

I haven’t taken drugs before,
But I knew what withdrawal felt like
when you said Good-bye.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow

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Hungry Eyes

Warning: This blog post contains explicit content of a sexual nature. Minors and People with severe heart conditions are advised not to read further. 

The music kept playing in the background, although I lost track of what they were singing about when I noticed the way your breathing changed. It was half way past dinner or dessert, I don’t remember much of it now. But your breathing got harder and you managed to swallow your food down in a hurry that I’d never seen before. Except you weren’t hungry for the food on your plate. You didn’t take your eyes off me from the time we sat down and with each sip of whiskey that soaked your lips, the hunger in your eyes grew darker.

It wasn’t long after that we decided to have drinks at your place. the elevator ride to the 7th floor was no easy feat. You were quiet and biting down on your jaw as I saw it twitch. The elevator was a sauna of intense fire and raw silence between us.

As I stepped in to your apartment and you closed the door behind you, everything else that followed was a blur that sent my mind in a whirlwind of lust, whiskey and the smell of your cologne.

You turned around and backed me to the wall of your apartment and inhaled my breaths. your face inches away from mine and yet you waited. you kept breathing me in with your lips inches away from mine. I was left paralysed but the scene of it all. I wanted to kiss you. and before another thought could occupy my mind, your lips engulfed mine and your tongue danced hypnotic dances with me and again I was left paralysed. I hadn’t been kissed with such intensity and hunger before. This was a revelation. This was euphoria.

Your hands gripped my right leg and swung it around your hips while your mouth was still planted on mine. You didn’t wait any longer, you could already feel me dripping through my thong. You stuck two fingers in directly and pushed them in me. You continued to move them back and forth, getting faster and deeper each time. You loved that my legs shivered and buckled while you fucked me with your fingers leaving me gasping for air as I sank my teeth on to your neck.

Suffice to say, we didn’t make it to the bedroom the first time.

Legs quivering and unable to stand on one as the other one was still wrapped around your waist, I felt you throb against me. You needed this as much as I and that sent shivers down the small of my back making me more wet with the thought of your throbbing cock pushing deeper and deeper in me.

You knelt down and took off my thong and skirt and started to lick my thighs and all that’s dripped over. You moaned deep cuss words as you tasted me. While your tongue created swirls over my clit, you gazed up at me. Your eyes a different, darker shade of hazel pierced my own as you saw me fall apart under the magic of your tongue. You were going to devour me and I knew it. THIS was euphoria.

Sensing my obvious frustration of not having your cock in me yet, you carried up me as I wrapped my legs around you, with my back still against the same wall.

I can not believe we hadn’t even made it to the hall and I was already being licked till my legs buckled.

I hadn’t noticed but he had removed his white shirt, jeans and boxers that now lay crumpled in a pile along with my clothes next to the door.

I was ready, he knew that. He tasted my eagerness and knowing he needn’t ease in to me,he thrust in to me in a swift hurried motion.

I let out soft moans as I clung on to his perfectly sculptured arms. My arms wrapped around his neck, I sank my teeth in to his shoulders and he pounded further and harder in to me. My body was a bundle of shivers and moans. I was dripping wet around his cock and he groaned and swore out loud at the sensation.

My head was spinning and the room was already humid as our bodies were sweating from the heated sex against the wall of his apartment.

We both climaxed together and he gently lowered  me on to the floor and fell back next to me. Heavy panting and thudding hearts we both lay on the floor gasping for breath while looking at the ceiling.  The apartment was blanketed in darkness. This time, we were both paralysed, unable to move following the aftermath of the tornado that engulfed our naked bodies.

We moved to the bedroom after a while and repeated the process again and again with the same intensity and hunger as the first time.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow

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Imagine it was us.

I tried to fit you in to pretty rhymes and clever metaphors, but the thought of your lips on her perfectly sculptured thighs stopped me dead in my tracks. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was jealous of. Was it her legs along with her black stilettos wrapped around your neck or was it the way you sucked the red lipstick off her bottom lip?

I tried to fit you in to the spaces of my overactive thoughts and missing puzzle pieces of my scattered heart, but I couldn’t get the idea of you fitting your parts in her void.

I tried to understand the corners of your odd smile and the carved lines on your forehead when you frowned, but instead you were too busy drawing a map on her neck with your tongue and hearts along her back.

I’m running out of words to say and love’s floating away.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow

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Shotgun and Tongue Kisses

To say I believed in love at first sight the moment I saw the light from your eyes melt down the walls around my heart would be a lie.

I didn’t believe in love at first sight.


The moment I saw you, you reached your hand in to the belly of my chest and wrapped those beautiful warm hands around my pounding heart and plucked it as if it was the reddest apple in the orchard.

The moment I saw you, my heart lurched out of its rib cage prison as if a 1000 volt defibrillator was held to it, and before I could reach out and keep it under lock and key, it had already found a place to call home in your beautiful warm hands.

The moment I saw you, my heart felt like a shooting star that shot out of my body, abandoning the one place it was familiar with, only to be pulled by some magnetic force on to the palm of your beautiful warm hands.

I wasn’t sure I believed in love at first sight till I realized my heart had made more of a home in the rough calloused palms of your hands than the high tower of rib bones and other various parts I kept it in.

I wasn’t sure I believed in love at first sight till I saw your eyes.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow