Turn the lights down low And kiss me in the dark

We kissed.

For the second time.

I wanted to do it for third,

And the fourth

And the fifth.

He kissed me for the sixth time,

And the seventh.

We paused at the eighth,

or maybe it was the ninth.

I had lost count by then

We were too invested in the night

By the tenth kiss

His hands,

and mine;

frantically searched for a place

to call home.

Eleventh Twelfth and Thirteenth kiss merged in to one

My hands had fallen on to his heaving chest

just enough to feel his heart thud and hammer against his rib cage

His hands sought refuge on my thighs

that had started to feel like a fire-place;

warm and comforting.

We stopped before the twentieth kiss

Aware of our pounding hearts and the scars on his neck

Aware of the beginnings of a sun rise through the curtains

Aware of reality outside the door.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.



Everything changes. A leaf changes from green to brown. The ice caps melt changing the sea levels, a caterpillar changes to a butterfly, people change physically and characteristically and otherwise too. So everything changes. Change IS in fact inevitable. We can’t ignore something that we all face. We can choose to ignore it or we can choose to run from it or just choose to deal with it and accept change. Change. We have to trust it. Sometime or the other we change for the better or the worse. But when change comes knocking on your door, you don’t answer it. Because the weird good thing about change is that you won’t ever know what to expect once you welcomed it, in to your life. So you take the risk and let it in.  Most of us fear change, BECAUSE of this unknown risk we take. its outside our comfort, safe zone, so we choose to ignore change because no one knows what this change is. If, however we do invite change and embrace it in our dear arms, then change becomes your friend. Something new and exciting, change brings that in. Something unexpected and different.  Something different from the things you’re used to and something that’s definitely outside your safe zone. So don’t we all wish to be daring? And adventurous?   Don’t we all crave for change then?? I’ve embraced change. and Change is good. its good for everyone. I like change. It makes me feel… alive.