Come Pick Me Up.

One night I will wake up just before the clock strikes 3 am

I will roll over and pull my blanket around me;

As I roll over I will find the warm wall your body built

between me and the edge of the bed.

One day when I wake up at 3 am,

I won’t have my thoughts keeping me awake

instead the drumming of your heart

will sing me a sweet lullaby

until I drift back to sleep.

One day when I wake up at 3 am,

it won’t be because the monsters under my bed

are talking loudly, but instead,

it might be because your snoring in my ear stirred me awake

or you pulled the blanket all the way to your side

or just because.

One day when I wake up at 3 am,

I won’t be searching for my phone to text you about the dream I just had

instead, I’ll wake you, or try to at least, and tell you about it.

One day.

One can hope, that One day.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow




I Never Told You

I knew there was something wrong when I had to force myself to sit down and write about you

There was something wrong when I didn’t have the overwhelming urge to write about your eyes

and how they reflected a rain forest after it rains

I knew something didn’t quite fit the picture then.

Maybe, I was too swept up in the moment.

But in retrospect, it is when im swept up in the moment that I want to write

I would have fallen in love with the way your hands snaked around my body

or how your eyes darkened like an ocean during a storm; when you were a breath away from me

or the way you kissed me; with the intensity of a hurricane sweeping up everything in its path.

But the only thing I seemed to love,

was the way you fell in love with me.

I fell in love and wrote about the way you loved me with your whole heart.

Even if it lasted for a while, you loved with the size of the sun

And that’s what I fell in love with it.

I fell in love with the way you held my hand as we walked

and the way you pulled me close to your body for a hug, and didn’t let go.

I fell in love when you sang to me

and told me about the moon.

I fell in love with you falling in love with me.



Yours truly,

Painted Shadow

Open Hands

You always wanted more.

You wanted more from my hands

Wanted them to draw constellations on my own back and solve 1000 piece puzzles to put yourself together.

You wanted more from my hands

You wanted them to hold your entire universe and spin it around like a disco ball till it made your head dizzy

You wanted me to trade my trembling hands for something safer

You complained that they tainted your pounding heart

You complained that they held it so tightly, it almost stopped beating

You complained that they weren’t soft enough even after I  plastered it with bubble wrap.

It took me 4 months and 16 days to realise you had already given your heart to someone else for safe keeping.

I was just your convoy.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


I am quite often cynical about love at first sight,

Because the idea of falling in love with someone’s physical beauty before their personality wasn’t fair enough to that person.

And just like everyone has that exception, He was mine.

When you got in to the same elevator with me, my heart was all ready to sky dive and fall 5 feet down with a broken parachute. It got so caught up in the moment, that it didn’t even realise the parachute had a million holes from the last fall it took.

You see, we were still looking for pieces to put the parachute together.

As you started talking and introducing yourself, my mouth started mumbling words and responses that I had no control of

I was a 7 year old child talking about embarrassing things her parents do at home.

The words that were strung together and spilled out of my lips seemed to have made some sense to you at the time cause you somehow kept talking to me, until we found ourselves walking out of the elevator to the same floor.

I hadn’t noticed how deep and vibrant your eyes were ’til you were standing 3 feet infront of me.

As you continued talking, the heat from the afternoon’s sun had somehow found a map and crept up to my cheeks.

I was mesmerized and started to lose myself in the depths of the light within them.

Your foreign accent only made the whole thing seem more surreal, but I continued to watch your eyes with the most profound concentration I had ever mustered up. My high school teachers would have been proud.

A dozen laughs and more haphazard words soaking up the maroon carpet, we found ourselves lips locked and confessing to falling in love with each other’s eyes.

You wanted my brown eyes to wake up to every morning and I, your hazel eyes to kiss every morning.

With our lungs struggling for breath as we jumped off the metaphorical cliff, did I then realise, that material couldn’t fix the missing parts of my parachute.

Love like yours did.

Love like yours made me a new parachute and packed another extra one in my bag.

Love like yours promised me that when I fell my legs wouldn’t break.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow