About Painted Shadow

 I am fire

And I am rain

The sun shies away when a smile’s etched on my face

The stars come out to play

As my eyes flutter open

I am beauty

I am love

I am everything that’s meant to be good

I long for rain

And thunder

I long to be in a place

That makes my heart feel like home

I have yet to discover the true meaning of ‘home’

 I dream every night and I know for certain that Fairies and Santa exists.

I know, because there’s no point in not believing.

I am the sun, the moon and the stars

I am a grain of sand.

I am a speckle of gold shimmering dust in this polluted world.

Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.


“I write best when I am either, falling in love, Or falling apart.” — Rudy Francisco

(Last updated on 27/4/2015)


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