50 Shades of Fuck You

I saw 10 shades of green when your tongue tasted like cologne that wasn’t mine.

My eyes painted walls in red and fury when your skin smelt like last night’s sheets.

My fingers dug to the corners of the wall as I saw the nape of your neck;

slightly reddish and purple with teeth marks that didn’t take the shape of mine.

Your clothes smelt of twisted truths and a dark motel room

Your eyes; brewing a storm of pure lust and guilt, fixed on mine

As your brown locks fell flat against your head the way it usually does after a shower

Your fingertips; calloused and rough felt like it has already carved highways on another map.

You were always a fan of highways though;

High speeds in a fast car were your addiction

It was your desire

It was your calling.

I cradled you to sleep that night

cause you were ‘Sorry’ for the 15th time

And I lay motionless

caught in the web of your torments and jagged edges.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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