You and I.

I am a jar of butterflies and moths. I am a novel of ‘Uhmms’ and nervous twitches. I am a balloon of confidence and smart comebacks. I am also a sack of positive soul food. I am a bowl of excited chatter and hysterical rants.I am greedy and love. I am everything that is allowed to be. I am torn and stitched together. I am bruised and flawless. I am hot water in a quivering glass. I am a ticking grenade at a Christmas dinner. I am always fight and win. I am precious moments and heartbreaks. I am everything. 

And then there’s him.

He’s a shaken bottle of champagne. He’s an encyclopedia of scars and dark stories. He’s mystery and secret romance that blossoms under the moonlight. He’s withheld promises and careful touches. He is the bomb squad. He is the glue and duct tape. He is soul and a strong seductive voice. He is a warm mug of hot cocoa. He is crumbling toast and peanut butter. He is all the wonder and beauty of an eclipse and he is all the destruction and beauty of an avalanche.He is always fight and win. He is everything. 

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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