And Promise Not To Promise Anymore.

If I lied to you for just one more day, will you promise to stay longer? If I told you I had no intention to keep that promise I made to you last night, after we tossed out all the pillows and the blanket that covered bits of our exposed vulnerable souls tattooed with scars and bruises, will you promise to still kiss me in the morning and mean it? Will you promise to love me even after the glow from my eyes have disappeared in to the night and in its place, a darker, eerier fog claims them?

I’ll promise to not rip your heart right out of its cage you’ve trapped it in for so long. Instead, I’ll lure it. I’ll dance a thousand dances under the bright moonlight until the thudding heart bursts out of the metal bars of its prison and runs straight in to my open palms. I’ll sing a Robin’s song until you’re convinced I’m nothing but good things and charm. I’ll write you novel after novel until the rapid thudding slows down to a much slower, comfortable rhythm. I will try with all that’s left in me, to not squeeze it too tight.I will try to let it breathe, just enough to keep you alive. I will try to keep it beating.

But I can’t make promises I don’t intend to keep.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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