All I Want

It was a fancy turn of events.

I didn’t know we’d fall so hard

Crashing to the concrete floor of our insanity,

Bruising not just limb, but also the pounding organ protected by our fragile ribs

that begged for release.

Oblivious of the ache in our bones, from the clumsy fall,

We drank till we were sober enough

to consume each other’s rushed tongues.

A moment turned to 3

when you kissed me,

A kiss turned to infinity

when I felt your smile creep along my skin;

As the sun peeped through the spaces in the curtains,

Eager to unveil the story behind the rumpled sheets and strewn clothes.

Hungover and drunk at the same time

We buried ourselves longer in the mess;

not anticipating the day ahead but reveling in it’s precious moment.



Yours truly,

Painted Shadow



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