Love Only Leaves You Lonely

When we met, you lit up a part of me that I never knew was so dark

When you left you took a piece of me I wasn’t aware I was holding

When we kissed you filled a part of me that I thought was never empty

For I had comfortably filled it with alcohol and kisses from strangers.

But you came in to my life;

Like a hurricane that vowed to destroy everything in its path.

You swept me off my feet and spun me around in the air like a force to be reckoned with

I felt love at the same time I felt destruction.

You were the type of guilty pleasure I knew I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying or having,

Because it would all be over soon.

Because you would leave and I’ll be left in the mess that I used to be.

But you were the drug that every fiber in my body craved for.

And in the aftermath of your love, I was the wreck that you left behind.

Knotted hair and lips that cried for yours,

missing pieces of my heart thrown and scattered for the birds to find.

You were a hurricane that I stood with arms wide open for,

screaming at the skies to take me with you in your torrent of madness and love.


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