Don’t Close Your Eyes Yet, Baby.

I could write about them in a million ways 
if only there were enough words in my vocabulary.
I could romanticize the two perfect pieces of you
until everyone fell in love with them
And of course, by then I'll be raging with the thought of losing you 
to everyone who fell in love with them. 
I've fantasized waking up in the morning
and watching the sun rise from the pillow next to me
Watching them turn to a hazy, groggy brown as they flutter open
Watching them turn vibrant and light just after brunch
Watching them turn warm and deep in the twilight
Watching them turn electric and hazel
as you start kissing me,
while your hands race up my legs
That are already clutched around your hips.
Watching them turn hazy and groggy again
as they slowly begin to close
It is at this moment, that I know for sure.
Once again, I wait for morning
longing to see the sun rise
as they flutter open
and he smiles back at me.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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