Play Pretend with Me.

She tried to leave you with all her scars etched to your skin

but all she could manage was the wine stain on the glass;

She tried to cut pieces of her heart

and leave them around for you,

hoping against all odds that you’ll follow the trail

that would lead you straight back to her;

But all she could do was draw lines with crooked edges

on the paper where she wrote your name a million times.

And by the end of the flower stems and letters she never sent,

She almost always swore upon

all the stars in that brightly lit sky

That you were something real.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


4 thoughts on “Play Pretend with Me.

  1. Mr. Nobody says:

    You were never one to follow your own heart. The strength required for one to do so everytime is unfathomable. That quality in itself was the most attractive thing about you.
    Upon reading this and a few of your recent posts, i must say that even from a readers point of view it felt so real. So i can only imagine the intensity of the tug of war your main organs are playing.
    Personally i think you should go for him before he’s gone. But as im in no position to give advice on love, i didnt come here to say that.
    I did however come here to let you know that your writing has a lifelong fan in me.

    • Woah.
      Dear Mr.Nobody.
      I must say,your comment has definitely made my entire week and left me speechless!
      I’m beyond glad that this post was on a more real level for you and I’ve secured a ‘lifelong’ fan.
      I only hope my writing continues to captivate you.

      Thank you.

      P.s.Reveal yourself perhaps? The anonymity is making me more curious than the cat. And we all know what happened to that cat!

      Yours truly,
      Painted Shadow.

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