Shooting stars

And lately, I’ve been finding myself clinging on to the smallest fleeting moments with strangers. Some who exchange quick glances at a restaurant during a dinner or some who are only an ocean or two apart, yet something within me lingers for a hint of their virtual presence. Fleeting moments are all that they are, enough to create a spark or a lingering hope of maybe just maybe the inevitable will occur. And that sometime in the near future, a fleeting moment will quite possibly be more than just a fleeting moment of heat and passion and connection and spark. Quite possibly that sometime in the near future a fleeting moment could lead in to something more than that. Quite possibly that it might just lead to something we, as humans instinctively crave for.


The kind of love that consumes you whole and makes you soar towards the clouds and stars. The kind that keeps you up at night grinning yourself to sleep. The kind that makes you want nothing more than to be with that person who managed to capture that same fleeting moment and make it in to something so much more than it ever could have been. The kind that makes you believe in happily ever afters.

Those small fleeting moments with strangers are small rays of hope that peer through my very being. Almost hoping and daring me to never stop believing in that remote chance only a few are blessed with; To be in love with one person with every fiber in my body till my last breath.

Or maybe it’s all just wishful thinking and mere coincidences. Maybe it’s all just fleeting moments, like shooting stars. Gone before you know And yet, it still leaves you with a smidge of hope that you’ll see it again.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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