Things I remember the most.

I remember your face
I remember how humid It was that night
How the music kept playing in the background
I remember we were the only ones on the floor that night
But that didn't seem matter,
Nor did we realise it.
I remember how hot your breath felt against the side of my neck.
I remember breathing in the musky smell of perfume 
as I pressed my face against your coat that gently hugged your chest. 
I remember your racing heart 
And your deep breaths
I remember feeling you stiffen against my thigh
I remember how I didn't think of him that night
Or the 'Goodnight baby' message that I ignored 
I remember your beard and how it felt against my cheeks
How your hands gently grasped my hips 
as you took a deep breath against my bare skin.
And at that moment I knew you had undressed me 
Several times in your head
Before you asked me to dance
I remember smiling
I remember being happy 
Not the kind that lasts a minute and goes away the next
But the kind that makes your chest light and your head dizzy. 
I remember wanting more of you that night. 
I remember your eyes and how they mesmerized mine 
I remember how we did nothing but dance,
As if dancing was the only sort of love 
we needed to express at that moment.
And that was enough
Enough to keep the fire lit 
Enough to keep the lights on
Enough to strip you
Bit by bit.

Yours truly,
Painted Shadow

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