I’m better near to you

She carried herself the way you’d want the future mother of your children to be. She throws her head back and laughs without a care in the world, which makes you fall for a her a little bit more. And then, when she realizes just how loud she laughed or wrongly assumed that she sounded like a hyena, she gives me this smile. It’s not an ordinary smile.Its how she tells you that she’s glad you can make her laugh. It’s THAT kind of smile. its the way her eyes light up as she grins back at me. And at that moment, that’s when I feel my heart drop to my toes, that’s when I feel light-headed. We hold a gaze for a while before she realizes there are other people in the room and she looks away; almost embarrassed. but I couldn’t move my eyes away. Not yet. They remained fixated on her. I didn’t care that the local band had gone through four songs and I was still staring at her waiting for her to stop smiling, so that I could finally muster up the strength to look away and not regret later that I missed how her face lit up like a thousand splendid suns.

Just then, she looked back at me and caught my eyes still gazing at her. Her hand grazed my knee as she asked if I needed some water fearing that I was getting too drunk. I felt my entire body stiffen and then all at once, I was paralyzed as her fingers grazed my skin. I was getting drunk though. Although, not on the glasses of alcohol i chugged down my throat to keep myself from grabbing her by her hair and kissing her, but I was drunk on her. Drunk on how her hair dropped down her shoulders, and how her hips swayed as she walked, mesmerizing every male in her path, and how she smiled leaving me breathless and motionless. I was drunk on who she was. On who I wanted her to be.      Mine.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow






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