Slow dancing in a burning room.

I am a wrecker of all things
I am a wrecker of all good things.
I am a cynic
I am a masochist
I crave for beauty,
and a love that I cannot keep.
I crave for sanity, 
by doing insane things
I abuse and shame people like them,
for they are all hypocrites.
I pain, and writhe in agony and sadness
for you seem to think
I’m just like them.
Evil, manipulative
selfish and cunning.
cold and ignorant.
Maybe I am
Maybe that’s who I’ve become
after I met them.
After I kissed their lips and tasted their wine. 
I wasn’t always the person you seem to hate now.
I was much more.
A better, easy to love person.
A person, who you would have most certainly 
and most definitely loved,
and never would let go. 
I’d do anything to show you that person. 
Yours truly,
Painted Shadow

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