It’s a heartache.

At the end of the day, you’re faced with two decisions; your heart or your head. And sure most people tell you and almost encourage you to follow your heart cause that way you can never really regret. That’s what they say anyway. You were the kind of person who weren’t like the rest. You almost always listened to your head. Because at any given point, logic trumps everything else.  But in everyone’s lives there is always an exception. I was that exception. Ignoring all logic and everything that’s sensible, you chose me. You chose to be with me.  That was your mistake. You took a risk and followed your heart. You convinced yourself and me that it was the right decision. with a couple of bottles of whiskey down your throat. My naivety convinced me we could work through this, but there’s only so much you can work with till you’re tired and you put your tools down and just rest. and then you just lose that motivation to get back up again. So this is it, this is the end. We’re battered to the floor and beaten down with poles and we’re too  bruised to get back up.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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