Stop and stare.

I came across a quote while browsing through Tumblr; ”No one’s going to see you and save you from your drowning self”.  Well something along those lines anyway. It made me think. We’re made to believe or made to think that some brown-eyed boy will glance at us in our confused stupor when we’re bundled up in a corner reading our favourite book  and instantly fall in love with us. We expect that boy’s presence to save us from our own  self-destruction and  sadness. And that maybe, just maybe he’ll be in love with your sadness and think you’re perfect and not care about how many boys you’ve kissed or touched. So we endlessly sit and wait for something that will probably never happen but still hoping against all odds that it might. But the sadness eventually buries you alive and before you know it, you’re someone else. You’re not the same person you always thought you would be. You’re withdrawn and colder, and that boy you were waiting for, well he came. But you didn’t notice just cause something wasn’t right in the picture.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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