This moment will be another story.

There’s nothing that can touch us anymore. There’s no one to tell us right from wrong. We’re alone out here. You and me. We’re alone but still together somehow. Maybe one day in the future, all of this will make sense. Looking back, all the pieces of this puzzle will fit. But now, all the pieces seem broken and bent. Now, all we’re desperately trying to do is finish the puzzle. We tend to forget that fixing a 10 piece puzzle is much easier than fixing a 2000 piece puzzle. which has the bigger picture? which has the more worthwhile picture? the one you want to frame?  That’s our lives. That’s what we choose at the end of it all. The big picture. So maybe tomorrow, things will change. Maybe tomorrow, I wont feel this way about you anymore, or you wont be there for me like you said you will. And I’ll be okay with that. I’ve been used to that, cause in the end we’re always alone with our hearts thumping hard against our chest. But that won’t stop us from living, or breathing or loving. That just makes us whole.

Maybe I want to start jumping again instead of tip-toe-ing. Maybe I want to jump over the boundaries and borders and tell you what you mean to me. Or at least how much you’ve turned my life around. Or maybe this is all there is to us. Just two people in a crowd getting by, trying to not get trampled on. But we’re whole, cause I know me and you know you. And that’s what matters, knowing who we are.

We’re whole. We’re infinite.

and real.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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