Sail away with me honey.

We could sail away on a paper boat. We could sail away and know that no one would come searching for our broken souls. If we sailed away on a paper boat while the rain shattered down on their windows, they wouldn’t hear us. they wouldn’t hear our hurried feet down those wooden stairs.They wouldn’t hear your quick paced breaths as you raced along my footsteps.

They wouldn’t hear my heart thudding against my ribs. They wouldn’t hear the sound of  our paper boat setting sail. They wouldn’t hear cause they’re too broken to notice. They’re too disjointed and complicated. Too muddled up in their own little bubble. Too perfect. We’ll visit your mom for a minute and bid goodbye to mine. They wont worry, they wont fret cause we’ll be sailing on our paper boat and we’ll be wet. Sail away with me. We’ll make our very own paper boat and sail away.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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