Fix you

Every time I let you in, you give me 10 reasons to push you away. Every time I ask you a question, you give me a response that will never make me want to ask you another question again.  Every time I write you something, I regret it. Instantly, thanks to your comments. Or the lack of it. Every time I move away, you get closer. Every time I think this is a good idea, you prove to me that it’s not.

Every time I let go, I find a way to hold tighter again. Every time I begin to move, I find a way to stop dead in my tracks. Every time I ask you for space, you come 10 centimeters closer.

Cause when the ground starts to shake, you know you have two choices. Stand there or run. And right now, I just don’t what to do.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


3 thoughts on “Fix you

  1. madzgotgame says:

    You should talk to him straight and fix it. If he is indeed the love you think you deserve, and as long as he feels the same, there’ll always be a solution that will make both ends meet. =)
    You just gotta try, nothing in life comes free.

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