My favourite bit

He was a charmer.
He was scared
He was confident.
but could break easily
He was strong.
and so weak
He needed strength
though he never realised it
He needed to smile
he needed to cry
and hold on to something
He was broken
yet so put together.
a clever facade.
a clever disguise.
I’m stripping him down though
bit by bit.
His eyes.
They tell a story,
Not the normal kind of hurt and betrayal
but of real love and real loss.
I wish he could see what his eyes could say to me
when he couldn’t.
I’d like to tell you what the story was.
But I want to keep it to myself.
For now.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


3 thoughts on “My favourite bit


    hahahahahah you know what the first line reminded me of?
    that kings of leon video.
    media class
    that was my second fav. cause of all the weird screaming.
    second only after dizzee ❤

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