New beginnings

It’s that feeling you get. The jittery nervousness feeling. That feeling. The feeling of unexpectedness; of whats going to happen next. That moment when you wonder whether to smile or pretend to be busy doing something else. That moment when you’re waiting for it to start while you sit with anticipation. That’s the moment that matters. The first moment. The moment it all began.  Those are the ones that matters the most, not the ones before or the ones after. Sure every moment matters,because after all we’re told to live each moment like its our last, even though we really don’t.  So these are the moments we remember.  The ruby amongst the desert. The greenest leaf on the tree. I’m just a grain of sand. And I desperately want to be blown away across the seas. Today’s the beginning. The beginning of MY dream. The start of what I want to do. The start of who I want to be. The start of Me.

Listening to the LLB co-ordinator’s speech at Orientation day!


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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