It’s Inevitable

I hope you’re happy. 
24 hours from now, wait and see. you will be. 
trust me on that
I’m happy too.
Dont get me wrong,
I’ve anticipated the start of this for a while now.
you have too.
you’ll get it back, you’ll get what you always wanted back
your life. just yours.
I mean, it’s finally happening right? 
This was what I wanted. What you wanted.
A fresh start, to everything
Yet, i feel selfish to let all this go. 
Sure, i know i can always come back 
but things wont be the same. 
That tree near my house, that wont be there.
Those neighbours who i never spoke to, they wont be there
you might not be here
I might not even be me.
Yours truly,
Painted Shadow

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