Its you. Isnt it?

I’m cruel. 
I’m cold
Stone cold. 
Bone chilling, nail-biting cold
I’m a masochist
I’m a sadist
I’m cruel
I’d hurt you just to smile
I’m vindictive
and rude.
I’m stubborn 
and arrogant.
I’m insolent
I’m selfish and pessimistic
I lie.
Not for you though, of course not,
I lie for me. 
Because I’m more important than you.
I’m over bearing
and loathsome.
I’m paranoid 
and selfish. 
I’ll never cry when you leave
or die.
I’m not you
I’m far worse
Far. Far worse. 
But don’t worry, 
I’ll smile. 
Not because you make me smile,
but because I’m a decent human being. 

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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