It was in their eyes.

As we sat across the table from them, I saw it. I first noticed it in her eyes. She was watching him. Not just looking, but she was watching him. She noted the structure of his face, of his tired worn out eyes,of the light stubble on his face. She watched him like all she wanted to do was cradle him in her arms.Not in a maternal way, but rather in a way that she never wanted him to be anywhere else besides by her side. I saw it in his eyes too. The calm sincerity of his loyalty. His eyes said it all. How he would care for her and cherish her. It was the way he looked deep in to her eyes. it was the way he gently pushed her away, hoping she come right back and push him. That was enough. That slight touch of  his fingers against her arm, was all that was needed. I saw it in their eyes, the way they held each others gaze without needing to say anything. The way he could tease her, and she would know he loved her more than anything. I know she loves him and he loves her.  I saw the proof. It was in their eyes.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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