Don’t let the sunlight back in.

Say it all over again. Whisper it this time. Hold me close to your face, so your breath can warm my neck during this chilly weather. Whisper it. softly and smoothly, almost as if your voice was silk.let it flow from your lips and touch my ears. Let it run through my veins.
say it all over again. Dont tell anyone our secrets. Dont tell anyone our desires. Dont tell anyone what we have. Or who we are. Just whisper it to me. So that I’ll know. I’ll know what it is that you want the most. I’ll know what it is you need the most. It’s getting colder outside. Colder and darker. It’s what I love. But you knew that already. You’d make it rain, just for me. So, just whisper it to me. Tell me softly that you want me the most.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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