It was as if time stood still

It was a normal day.
A normal time.
I looked around, there was no one there. 
There was no bird chirping outside, there was no dog running around
I woke up and waited for a call. or a text.
 Or anything.
I got nothing. 
I looked around, waiting for something
waiting for something to move,
waiting for something to happen
and for the first time I saw nothing. 
I felt nothing.
for the first time I  felt completely alone.
They were all here of course,
Mindless faces that pass me everyday.  temporary friends, except maybe one or two.
But I was alone. Not completely alone.
But alone enough to be frozen by the motionless wind.
to be ignored and left stranded by every mindless being. 
Just alone. 
Yours truly,
Painted Shadow

3 thoughts on “It was as if time stood still

  1. It was unlike any other day.
    It was unlike any other dream.
    I looked around the vast space, there was no one there.
    There was no humming in the air, there was no one to tell me why.
    It was like the reality in my mind was cast far away from me.
    I looked, I searched, I crumbled, I cringed, and I broke down.
    Falling down a well drenched in my fears.
    Waiting for something to break my fall.
    Waiting for something to tell me why, why?
    Why I felt nothing, why I couldn’t feel my legs, but then..
    What are these whispers I hear behind the screams of my inner thoughts?
    My imagination is playing a trick on me?
    Mindless screams, endless pain, cold whispers telling me this will all be over soon.
    Frozen in place are my thoughts as I feel the white light near.
    Too stunned to talk, too cut open at heart to try.
    Is that you, the one I’m to look for, the one to save me of this misery?
    Who are these mindless faces staring at me with tearing eyes?
    Am I guilty of something? Am I being taken away?
    Is this a dream? Is this darkness the path to my salvation?
    Is this a dream?

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