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And the world spins madly on

If I was to step in to the sun, my skin would flake and peel off. I’ll slowly disintegrate into nothing. I’d burn until nothing was left.

If i was to catch the sunset with my eyes or if the warm soft rays hit my skin,I’d fall in to a deep oblivion. I’d be falling and falling in to a deep well that has no end.  If  I was to breathe the same air that I have been for the past 5 years, my insides would spill out. My insides will be my outside and vice versa.

If I was to run and run and just keep running with no shoes on my already blistered feet. And noone barking at my heels, I’d be breathless. I’d be a spirit. I’d be completely free. Free from you. Free from him and you. Free from everything.

So after I’ve felt the heat of a sunrise on my ribs and the warmth of a sunset on my eyelashes, and only after I’ve breathed the cleanest air, only then will I be able to run. I’ll be able to run leaving my footprints on the sand and not bothering about the waves washing them clean, erasing my mere existence. The only proof of my existence will be erased.  Instead, I’ll just keep running. At least it’ll keep me happy.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.



I stare at walls hoping that something would guide me to another dimension where everything makes sense. I take life as it comes. I reside in which is now known to be the fastest growing city in the Middle East, Dubai. Surrounded by fake greenery and dusty air, I long for rain. I long for rain to drench my very being, untill i feel nothing but clean and revived. I dream of happy things and i know for certain that Peter pan and pixies and fairies and Santa exists. I know. Because theres no point in not believing. Im a child. I am a grain of sand. I am a speckle of dust in this polluted world. I am a spirit roaming the end of the earth, trying to find that wall. (Read the page Painted shadow for details)

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