Breathe me in. Breathe me deeper now.

Her soft skin felt like heaven against his coarse hands. Every breath of hers raced against his. He breathed her in, tracing the outline of her fragile body. At that time it was clear to him that she was all he wanted. Nothing else mattered. Not the rain outside nor the distant beating of drums, or that she belonged to someone else. Tonight, he was hers. Tonight, she belonged to him. He held her close to him. Close enough to feel her heart beat against her rib cage. He felt her exhale as he drew her in. Deeper and deeper as they tossed and tumbled in to each others arms. Neither knew anything as perfect as this. Neither have met anyone as perfect as the other. She pulled him closer afraid that he’d leave.Pulled him closer just so she’d know he wasn’t a lie. or a mistake or even a dream. She inhaled his cologne and willed herself to wake up.  She whispered in to his thick locks reaching for his ear. she wanted to know what he loved about her. She wanted to know if she was alive. he replied softly against her neck. ‘nothing’.  she smiled. she was so fucking awake. She was content. She found a real boy who didn’t lie but love her in so many ways. So they grasped on longer trying to remember each moment. Her soft unscarred body against his solid built one moved in a rhythmic dance. Nothing else mattered. She was his angel. He was her prince.


4 thoughts on “Breathe me in. Breathe me deeper now.

  1. For years I tried to include passionate but erotic love making in poetry but it never really sounded right. However, this truly inspires me as your work here shows how easy it is to disguise what you really are saying under a thin veil of specifically chosen words. So in this way it remains quite decent but also has the natural flare and appeal that would best be used to describe this memory shared by the two lovers.

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