Save me.

Tried to write a letter
in ink
think im getting better
but these voices in my head
keep telling me to call instead
scribble a few words
that don’t make any sense
should have told you
the day we met
that your face would
bring back those picture perfect memories
and haunt you instead
so sip your drink
and quench your thirst
It’ll be a while till those lips
get to taste mine.
Tried to write a letter
in ink
Think im getting better
No words flowed out,
as your memories continued to occupy my thoughts.

That fairytale we both lived. The one we both want to live is fading away. And im drowning. Resuscitate me. Save yourself.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


One thought on “Save me.

  1. Mr.Flatface says:

    Saving US is what i wana do..I stare at those picture perfect memories knowing we shared em all.
    With you is where i wana be..
    We can’t continue living a life of a fairytale..
    It kills..we’re drowning..
    Hope is all we’ve got left..
    Save you
    Save me
    Save us

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