I won’t cry.I won’t shed a tear.I’ll fall to pieces instead.

2 years. That’s how long I’d been waiting for April 21st. Our graduation. Only now have I realised that it’s a bitter-sweet occasion.  May – the month most seniors live for. The end of one life and the beginning of another. The days where worrying about Barbie and Ken’s wedding and eating vegetables for dinner and when bunking was a big deal are long gone. To some of us, it still is, but the rest of us have mastered the art. the art of making excuses just to sit at the yr 13 area all day long.

There are some things from our high school experiences that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives and some memories that we choose to forget. But when we look back at those experiences, we’ll see our friends … the ones who got us through everything and we’ll realize how lucky we are to have them.

 In less than a month, we’ll pick up our caps and gowns and all that senior stuff that’s supposed to help us remember the good ole days, but some of the things that you remember the most, can’t be put on paper. That day will finally come, and you’ll sit there with all the friends you had made over the years … you’ll look out at your family and deep down, you’ll know that this was a once in a lifetime moment. It was the last time in your life that all these people would be together in once place. Yeah, there would be reunions, but there was always the chance that one person wouldn’t make it there. You looked back on your time with these people and realized it was short-lived and that it didn’t seem as if there was enough time for everything that you wanted to accomplish. And frankly, I don’t think there was enough time. Because when it finally hit us that we’ll be graduating, we didn’t have much time.

 Graduating class 2011.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.


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