Memories seep from my veins

You cant cut a hole through the door i tried so hard to shut. You can’t just take cut a hole and let all those memories run away. You lost your right to do that a long time ago, Even if you were being honest. All those tears that filled up my room,You were the reason for them. But i got over it and i stopped. i stopped thinking. i stopped caring about you. And i shut that door. I found happiness. Not the kind that goes away after sometime. I found real genuine happiness with my almost prince charming. He doesnt have a noble steed. But his arms are like the castle walls. they’ll protect me. and it feels JUST right.It feels perfect. Cause I feel right, and comfortable. And i would trade anything to be exactly there at this moment in time. So No. i dont appreciate your honesty after ALL this time. I would have, a long time ago.I would have fallen to your feet if you were honest with me before. But you blew that chance when you drowned me in my own tears. So im here, with him. and thats how its going to be like. always.

Yours Truly,

Painted Shadow


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