Porcelain Dolls with Red hearts

I think we’re all scared. Me. You. Him. Her. Deep down , even the strongest of us is fragile. There’ll always be that ONE thing we’re all scared of. Even the toughest, strongest one of us will go weak in the knees and cry at some point in their life. Ironically, they are the MOST fragile. The physically strong ones are usually the most fragile, because they build up their bodies only to appear strong to the naked eye. I think we all hurt. We all pain. And we’re all scared. And we’re too afraid to admit that. We’re not plastic. Not porcelain dolls sitting in a stainless glass cabinet along with the china.  No one likes to admit they’re ‘weak’. So we try our best to avoid pain and fear cause we don’t want anyone, not our best friends, not our loves, not our parents, no one should see us ‘weak’, even though it only makes us more human. More alive. More stronger. But no. No one ever gets that. So we’ll all just be fake and strong.


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