3 sides to different coins

Havent we all done things that we know will probably light a forest fire but yet we do them anyways? just because your curiosity gets the better of us? and at that time, common sense doesn’t usually happen to strike us at that time. So we end up doing those ‘stupid’ things and get the answer we were looking for, if we’re unfortunate or fortunate enough. depends on the way you look at it of course. and then there’s those people do things to tempt karma. They walk around in the 6 inch stilettos and headbands and they shakes their nonexistent asses right in karma’s face. No one does that. well, at least no one but a masochist. I believe you’re one. No one in their right mind will want to toss their hair around and not expect karma to bite you in the ass. It’s a common thing. it’s a fact. do something to tempt karma, and it will get to you. It’s like death. You can’t cheat death. No matter what you do. I know someone who was supposed to be dead though. He wasnt meant to live initially. But something, someone out there gave him a second chance. That, I believe is a miracle. I just wish he realises what a miracle he is.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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