A little bit darker.

Alcohol. It numbs the soul. It numbs the pain. and it takes everything away from you. and gives you that ‘ I don’t give a damn about you’ air to it. It’s the one thing that lets you vent out all your anger, your frustration and your sorrows without hurting anyone. It burns you. Burns you just enough so that the heat from the anger will cool down. Alcohol. it’s the one thing you must have, stored away in your cupboard. Cause at any given point, there’ll always be a reason when you need it the most. Cause when there’s no one to talk to, and the only person you do want to talk to, to hug, to hold, is a million miles away; That’s when alcohol becomes you’re best friend. and the best thing is, you don’t even have to talk. It just listens and understands what you’re going through. and then all of a sudden, nothing else matters.

Yours Truly,

Painted Shadow.


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