Lay.Here.Beside.Me.& Dont.Let.Go.

Do you remember sitting on the porch in that house. that house where we made memories. we slept on the floor watching movies as our toes entwined. I remember sleeping on the rooftop, watching the stars and wondering what the clouds looked like. I remember you held my hand and whispered to my ears that we’ve never done this before. I smiled and asked you to shut up because you were ruining the perfect moment. You smiled and kept quiet, do you remember? I miss that. I miss kissing you when no ones looking. Do you remember that movie night at your place? I nibbled your ear and all you could do was smile. You loved it when I was covered in goosebumps while you were nibbling my neck. Jumping into the middle of the river holding your hand, falling asleep on your leg on a moving train and walking to the grocery store with you at night are things I never thought I’d ever do and yet you made it seem normal.Like, I’ve already done these things and so much more with you. You made it feel easy. and comfortable. and just right.You made me feel like I’ve known you forever. You are my Forever.

Yours truly.

Painted Shadow.


2 thoughts on “Lay.Here.Beside.Me.& Dont.Let.Go.

  1. i do can i forget those moments we shared?do u remember the time i said “your hair is a pain in my ass” coz i couldn’t tell you our lovely secrets.i remember them all, nothing i can possibly forget.which does mean YOU ARE MY FOREVER TOO!

  2. I cant help myself right now…I need to tell express myself once again..
    Those days..those nights..those walks in the lonely night..with hands side by side are not just memories that i would allow to die..You made me whole…you made me opened my heart to something i didn’t know existed…you showed me love…you gave me life…i just dont know how i let you go by..

    This aint over…i still have hope…you and me and still somewhere along that same rope.

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