Stranger talk

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone you’re not close to. Its easier to talk to a stranger, someone you just met at a cafe and exchanged names. Sometimes it easier to just talk to that stranger sitting in front of you pretending to listen. It’s easier than talking to your friends  about it. Because even though you trust your friends, talking to a stranger makes you feel a whole lot better. Maybe you’ll never see that person again. So, they’ll just take all your secrets and walk away, not even bothered to pass it on to someone else cause that other person wouldn’t care.  So, its easier to talk to a stranger. They wouldn’t judge you. much. they’ll just sit still and listen. Probably offer an opinion or two. And its their brilliant listening and nodding skills that attracts us and encourages us to continue pouring our soul out to them. It’s this basic instinct.You cant talk to ANY random person. Just these particular strangers. Hard to find them, but once you do and you pour out your entire life on the table, they stick around. the stranger that is. You wouldnt expect them too. and you probably thought they’d run away as soon as you stopped talking and never look back. But these particular strangers, the ones that actually listen; THEY stick around. and talking to them gets easier and easier, almost as easy as writing. And before you know, they seem to have a permanent fixture in your life.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


One thought on “Stranger talk

  1. Well if thats who you call a STRANGER, i have found one too. i know, this stranger has become permanent as well and even if she tries running away.her heart would not permit her coz she has shared her entire life story with me.likewise i have shared mine with her.exchanged feelings and thoughts and now SHE IS MY STRANGER.

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