White Wedding

You look so good
in my black shirt
dancing in circles in that empty room
Runaway with me
to a land covered in snow and ice,
We’ll make our own memories
out of paper and chalk
Stand next to me at the altar
and say those words I long to hear
stand next to me and smile,
that same, sweet dazzling smile
This is the start,
just the beginning
Lets Runaway
Dont ever  look back
You’ll be the princess in white
and I’ll be waiting to welcome you home
You’ll always be by my side
And I’ll be yours
Till the end of time.
Yours truly,
Painted Shadow.

One thought on “White Wedding

  1. Dear Painted Shadow,

    I will be honored to run away with you and never look back. I will say those words you want to hear and likewise with you doing the same. Be my princess in that white beautiful dress, with me being your prince. Who both then live HAPPILY EVER AFTER..


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