Something to remember.

I want you to remember this. I want you to remember this when you feel like you’ve got no one. I want you to remember this when you think you’re worthless. I want you to remember this when you think everything is falling apart and nothing makes sense. I want you to remember this before you do anything stupid. I want you to remember this before you runaway, or punch a wall. I want you to remember that sometimes, no matter how tough and impossible something may seem to be, it ALWAYS gets better. Everything gets better. Everything turns out okay. And when you feel like all hopes lost and you don’t want to try again and you just want to run away, I want you to remember that I’ll ALWAYS be here for you. No matter what. And I’ll always stand by you and try to remember that after every rainstorm, there’s a rainbow. But mostly, remember NEVER to lose hope or faith. Cause if you do lose hope and faith in your life, I’ll know that you’ve lost hope and faith in Us. So don’t. Dont lose sight of your future. 🙂

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


5 thoughts on “Something to remember.

  1. Dear Painted Shadow,
    I now know for sure that these that you have mentioned are NEVER to be forgotten and now I have no reason to run away and now there is a reason to live, because there is someone that actually cares. I have hope and faith in US, just not always in my future and what its going to be like. I used to be scared of my future, but now i know there is no reason to be scared as there is someone looking over me and keeping me strong, reminding me she’l always be there for me.


      • Dear Painted Shadow,
        Firstly there are NO IF’S n BUT’s about whether you are going to be in my future, coz there is no doubt that you are already my present and will definitely continue doing so which means your are my future.
        Previously i meant ‘future’ in a different aspect of life, my academic future, my current family life and so on. You are already tattooed in my heart which means you are already my future. Don’t ever doubt that Ms.Painted Shadow


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