And I’m miles away from you

The sky’s dark blue. The moon looks so lonely in that vast sky. There are just 4 stars spread out across the sky. Just 4 visible stars. I look up at the moon, wondering if you’re looking at the same thing at the exact same time. There are no clouds inthe sky. I hate that. there were ALWAYS clouds when you and i were dancing under the stars, and kissing under the moonlight. ALWAYS.  The waters hot and so is the weather. I hate the ac.  I miss the cold water and the nice cool windy weather. I want  to be back in your arms. I miss them.

I wore your tshirt last night. Just your tshirt and nothing else. and  I felt SO much closer to you.  I got that strong musky warm scent from your shirt, and i cried.  I smelt you. Its like you were all over me again. Like that one perfect  night. I miss your cold ears. and i miss telling you sweet secrets. I hate not having to see you. its horrible. i hate it.

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine. =)

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow.

P.s. Fatso says Hi.


One thought on “And I’m miles away from you

  1. N Your the best thing thats ever been mine too…:)… n i will cherish those nights under the moonlight when the stars were shining so bright….with just you n me…
    those clouds will be made visible…we are still being tested n as soon as we past that test…those clouds will re-appear…

    i miss your clear neck….i miss your sweet secrets….i miss your warmth….i am cold now…only thing left to warm me is mr.flatface who keeps me warm throughout the day n night…

    WE will meet again…


    Ps..Hi fatso…

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