That look in his eyes.

You’re right here. You’re sitting right next to me. and all i can taste is your tongue. all i can feel are your arms. and somehow you’re faraway. You’re distant. But you’re sitting right there with your beautiful brown eyes. You and your beautiful brown eyes. They pierce through my soul.You breathe me in as i move closer and closer. Close enough to feel you.close enough to touch you. close enough to taste you. close enough just so we’ll be together.Just close enough, so that i’ll breathe the same air you breathe. You’re sitting right there. right next to me. and all i can feel is you.

Your truly,

Painted shadow.


One thought on “That look in his eyes.

  1. Greame says:

    i felt you….i felt u breathing right into me….we are always so close…but with the fear of being so far…as you move closer n closer…i feel your touch…taste your tongue and breathe your air… i will alwayz breathe that air…your air… you walk right into my heart with open doors just for you..those doors will never be closed…but only you can enter…just you…

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