Picture perfect memories

It’s those picture perfect moments. We jumped into the middle of the river, hands held tight. Coz if we let go, it wouldn’t seem right. So we held on. Held on to each other as if our lives depended on it. And it felt so right. it felt so right holding your hand. We made promises. promises after promises. Although we broke our first promise of never to fall in love with each other, because it would be the end of life as we know it. falling in love with each other seemed improper because we’re going to be miles apart when summers over. How can you fall in love with someone so soon? It wasn’t possible. not to me at least. Yet, it did happen… and I’m drowning in your beautiful brown eyes. Oh, to be lost in them. To be lost in them and never to be found would be the greatest feeling of all.
Yours truly,
Painted Shadow.

One thought on “Picture perfect memories

  1. Greame says:

    Those were definitely “picture perfect memories”, memories to last a life time, never to be forgotten….that connection was like 2 individuals becoming 1….great feeling…
    “PROMISE” is a big word..n its not wrong at times for promises to be broken if the end result is of greater strength…greater meaning…falling in love for me as soon as a couple of weeks o maybe less was never thought of even in my wildest dreams….but it happened n im lost in it…n never want to be found…

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