Say i’ve fallen in love. Say, I . ME, the person who got lost after that last time. the last time i ended things with you. ME. say i’ve fallen in love. Will you believe me? will anyone believe me? say i’ve met this guy i cant get enough of, and he makes me feel alive!! say i’ve met this ‘perfect guy’, and i’ve started to believe that im in love with him. and nothing else matters. would you belive me? would i care if u did? say i did. or maybe i dont. Say I’VE fallen in love with prince charming?? Would it be real? or just another dream??

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


6 thoughts on “Say???

  1. Say we all felt the same way you did, chasing down an ideal picture of the world in our minds we want to paint into reality. The important part of a true love story is each person’s is different and unique to each his/her own. At a point of no return when I had given up my last breath of hope in finding love and just going with the physical fun of it all, the greatest gift of my life was presented to me. And I know you will find it too, keep a free spirit and it will never lead you wrong 🙂 ❤

  2. Greame says:

    Do you believe in yourself?? do you trust in your own doings??…if you do then u should not worry about what anybody else thinks about you..
    if you believe that your truly in love..then theres anybody can say or do to put u off track..
    have you met your prince charming…i hope you have… n hope u aint dreaming..because i know for sure that i have met my princess..n i know that i love her for REAL..
    “Trust your own yourself….no one knows you better then you, yourself….”
    coz…if you were dreaming..this wont be REALITY…

    • thing is Greame, i wouldnt know if i was dreaming or not. coz this seems like a dream. remember i spoke to you about perfection? only dreams can be perfect…. how naive eh?? lOl. you’re reality.

      • Greame says:

        tru dat….but dreams do come true…n become reality…
        so lets hope for the best…n let time do the talking…

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