Duck and Run

I’m sitting and starting. Just sitting and staring at everything. everyone that walks by, everyone that stops to say hello and everyone that hoped I didn’t exist. just sitting and staring. Say what you want and do what you like. Because there’s a wall. A thick wall. When you’ve built that wall or imagined that wall surrounding  you, that’s when you realised you don’t care anymore. I mean you do, but there are these people. Like the one standing next to you at a social gathering or a school event. And they’re just standing next to you, not doing or saying anything. That’s when you try not to care because they’re never going to be there for you. Not when you need them. No. they won’t. So, that wall, it’s penetreteable for some people. Not for all. Just some.

I run. That’s what I do. I run away. I run away from any complication, problems. anything. I like to run.  Why you may ask? Because running away solves everything for the time being. and frankly, I know running away wont solve anything. But for the time being, when everything is crumbling at your feet, all you want to do is runaway. Even though you know it wont solve anything. But it does make you feel better. Like taking drugs I presume. I suppose when people do runaway and their problems still follow them or they have no place to run to, that’s when they turn to drugs. I’d like to runaway and not care about anything. and laugh until it hurts.Laughing makes me feel alive.So i run away. Just because at that moment, it seems like the best thing to do. I like to run. Yes. running is good. It’s gives you an adrenaline rush. Running away is good, especially when you don’t want to solve these so-called problems.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


2 thoughts on “Duck and Run

  1. gReame Gomez says:

    painted shadow,
    i will second you that running away is the easiest way out of can keep running but at sometime you will be caught, meaning you will have to face those problems and come up with answers.
    everyone likes to run but eventually you will get tired doing so, its worth it in the long run. it could be a short run solution, then again you might as well stand your ground and face the real world rather than running away from the truth which will always haunt you down.

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