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What she told me

She told me to write. She said, ‘ just write whatever you feel, whatever comes to your head.” just write. Good advice. Best advice. So i sat down with a pencil in my hand and a book infront of me. i wrote a  line, followed by one tear, from each eye. I wrote another line. Followed by more tears. I stopped writing. Because it killed me to write about how i felt. I tried writing about him acutally. I started like this,

You’re selfish. i hate you. I’ve lost all respect for you. *tears*
I dont want to see you anymore. i don’t want to talk to you anymore. i want nothing to do with you. i hate you.

Yes, theres more hate in that, than i’ve ever felt for a single person. But i wrote what i felt.

Yours truly,

Painted shadow.



I stare at walls hoping that something would guide me to another dimension where everything makes sense. I take life as it comes. I reside in which is now known to be the fastest growing city in the Middle East, Dubai. Surrounded by fake greenery and dusty air, I long for rain. I long for rain to drench my very being, untill i feel nothing but clean and revived. I dream of happy things and i know for certain that Peter pan and pixies and fairies and Santa exists. I know. Because theres no point in not believing. Im a child. I am a grain of sand. I am a speckle of dust in this polluted world. I am a spirit roaming the end of the earth, trying to find that wall. (Read the page Painted shadow for details)

2 thoughts on “What she told me

  1. sometimes it worries me that you feel so much pain. but writing is a constructive thing, when you feel destroyed, so you’ve got your channel of relief. i quite like your blog posts.

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