This was written for you

I cracked you. Cracked who you are. finally. I know who you are now. Heres what i figured out

You’re smart. More than smart.
You try to be sensitive
You’re bigheaded
You care about me (although i have yet to convince myself of that)
You like animals
You want to go to space
You are so much like him
You’re proud
You’re selfish, when it comes to me.
You’re demanding
You wont ever understand me
But you want to
And yet, im too scared to let you in.
You’re so forward
I Dont trust you,
Most of the time.
You’re rich
You’re spoilt.
You claim to be my opposite.

I’ve cracked you. But still its not enough. I’ll never know what goes on in your head. Because it’s your head. It’s Your happy place.

Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


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