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The last things

You wanted to go away. Go away from this world. Go away from everything you have,everything you had. SPACE. That’s where you wanted to go. Silly boy, you’ll never go to space. Because its too far. You cant go that far. away from home. away from me. its not possible. Said you wanted to create a new identity and forget about me. How silly of you. You said so yourself, said you can never lie to yourself. to others yes, but never. never to yourself. And you expect me to believe your lie? I know you well enough by now. I know, I remember the time you caressed me. every inch of me. You’re fingers ran through my hair, sent chills down my back. And you whispered against my neck. Do you not remember? Obviously you do, you told me you’ll never forget. Ever. So, go to space. I dont care. Not anymore. Because you could have had me with 3 little words.But you didnt. You ran away. Ran off to space, and never said Bye. I’ll never forgive you for that. Never. ever.

Yours truly

Painted Shadow



I stare at walls hoping that something would guide me to another dimension where everything makes sense. I take life as it comes. I reside in which is now known to be the fastest growing city in the Middle East, Dubai. Surrounded by fake greenery and dusty air, I long for rain. I long for rain to drench my very being, untill i feel nothing but clean and revived. I dream of happy things and i know for certain that Peter pan and pixies and fairies and Santa exists. I know. Because theres no point in not believing. Im a child. I am a grain of sand. I am a speckle of dust in this polluted world. I am a spirit roaming the end of the earth, trying to find that wall. (Read the page Painted shadow for details)

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