Mother’s son

It’s him
He’s dark
Dark inside not outside
He swore his intentions were good.
He swore to God
Noone swears to God
unless they were absolutely serious
but he did
and he wasnt
That’s when he did it
He held her waist,
Like a lover would
It would seem fit to say he wasnt,
but he was.
He breathed her in
Every bit of her,
He breathed her in for the last time
And as gently and smoothly as ever
He drew the goldplaited dagger,
and with no emotion
he connected her unscarred hourglass figure with the dagger
A reunion. Finally.
With a sigh from him and a final gasp from her,
He yelled out
”Mamma, see what you’ve made me,
like you, I killed the one I love. The only one.
But now I know,
Now i know why you never killed me.”
With that, tears spilt on to bloodstained sheets,
As he lay beside her for the last time.


Yours truly,

Painted Shadow


4 thoughts on “Mother’s son

  1. BoO^2 says:

    I was browsing through a bunch of wordpress blogs and found this. Your blog’s pretty cool and this piece of writing’s a really nice piece…very deep…usually stuff like this has a relation to a person’s actual life…so I must ask…what happened?

    • Hmm. well, behind every blogpost,we’d all like to assume the story behind it and we’d love to know. I could make up some story just to make you intrested but surprisingly enough THIS particular blog post has no relation to me what so ever. I am delighted to know that my blog has captured someone’s intrest ( someone that i havent met that is :D)

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